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As a design team we created a new product: toddler bedding. Since this was a relatively new product on the market we wanted to create a campaign around it to really highlight what makes it special. We wanted to create toddler bedding that would appeal to the interests of a toddler while also being attractive to the aesthetic of the parent. 

I went through many different ideas of what to create for this campaign. But we wanted to highlight the designs of the blankets. So I directed a photoshoot to get the photos we needed. Then I overlayed different things onto these photographs to figure out the correct look. I ended up with colored pencil "backgrounds" to illustrate a child's imagination being inspired by their bedding. Then I animated elements of the bedding to move in the ads I created. 

For this entire campaign, I designed meta advertisements (Instagram & Facebook), Pinterest ads, Instagram posts & stories, a toddler bedding deck, website graphics, and emails. 

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