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Little Unicorn Packaging Refresh

At Little Unicorn, we wanted to update our packaging, both for shipping costs, and to elevate the brand as a whole. 

The main problem we had to solve was fitting all of the required information onto the packaging in a way that is pleasing to the eye, categorizing each type of product in a distinct way, as well as leaving the door open for future new products that could easily fit into the line. 

My solution was a very clean typographic look and letting what is wonderful about the brand speak for itself. All of our prints are hand-painted, and we wanted that and the quality of the fabric to shine through. I also decided that we would assign certain colors to certain fabrics, using color blocking to show the customer when they are different. I choose colors that are gender-neutral for each fabric type and have chosen a few for any future new fabrics as well.

In an attempt to stand apart from the competition and be more authentic to Little Unicorn; the layout of the packaging is deliberate. It purposely avoids referencing historic and competitor stylistic trends—with a focus on attributes such as; being personable, inviting, warm, genuine, instructional and informational. We chose to be deliberate with an open typographic grid to create open-space and a sense of minimalism, with a focus on the hierarchy of information.

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