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As a graphic designer, one of my recent projects was creating visuals for a Black Friday marketing campaign for Little Unicorn. The campaign included social media posts, meta advertisements, email headers, and website banners.


My role was to create eye-catching designs that would grab the attention of the target audience and effectively communicate the Black Friday deals and promotions. I worked to follow the brand guidelines and ensure that the designs aligned with the overall marketing strategy. To achieve the desired results, I used a combination of typography, color, and imagery to create visually appealing designs that would stand out in a crowded marketplace.


I also made sure that the designs were optimized for different platforms and devices to ensure a consistent user experience across all touchpoints. Throughout the project, I communicated regularly with the marketing team to gather feedback and make revisions as needed.


Overall, the Black Friday marketing campaign was a success, and the company was pleased with the results. The campaign generated a significant increase in website traffic and sales, and the designs received positive feedback from the target audience.

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